God is Faithful

Welcome to all the Mcullough family and friends as Mark's participation in the Podcast has increased the readership of Gone Fishin Again to a whopping 45 subscribers. Wow! Who would have thunk it!

I spoke at "Big Church" this morning at what is known as Lightning Chapel here on COB Spiecher. The message was from Exodus 3 and Moses' encounter with God at the Burning Bush. God's faithfulness is the source of my faithfulness. I saw four things emerge from that text and from the context and thought I might share them here for you all.
  1. God is Faithful to Follow us- God had been following Moses since his unlikely salvation from death as a baby. God had followed and provided and watched over Moses through his childhood, even into his adulthood as a warrior and then even as he committed murder and ran from the charges. You can rest assured that God does the same in your life...He is faithful to follow!
  2. God is Faithful to Find us- Moses had been wandering the desert in his safe little job, his risk free life of a shepherd...40 years he did this! But God found him, exactly at the right time for God's purposes. He found me 15 years ago. He provided Moses a burning bush...He provided me a radio broadcast (See the video clip at the bottom of this page). Understand this, that God is the one that pursues us. He's just waiting for us to notice!
  3. God is faithful to Free us- He told Moses to take off his sandals. Our shoes have been everywhere we've been. They know all the dirt of our past. God, set Moses free of that and he does the same for us. The holy ground that we shed our "shoes" is the ground at the cross. The blood covenant that God promised was sealed there. Our freedom ensued!
  4. God is faithful to Fill us- God took Moses, an 80 year old, stuttering, murdering, running from his problems kind of guy and set a nation free with him. He'll take you and me and we can be used to bring freedom to this world, freedom in Christ. He'll fill us with power of the Holy Spirit, he'll empower us to have the fruit of the Spirit. He'll fill us for His purposes, partners with God in the Kingdom, servants of the King. And all it takes is us to simply say yes...Lord...be faithful and fill me!
God is faithful when we are not.

On a lighter note we had a Baptism service today(Pictures above), but the water truck forgot about us (no running water here) So me and and about 5 Chaplain assistants opened up 2.5 pallets of 1 liter water bottles, one bottle at a time, in about an hour to get the pool ready for dunkin!

It was a sight!

Have a great week everyone!


Bryan said…
Great message. thnx for posting it. as always God bless you and your families for your sacrifice and service.
Bryan Weller

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