Heart of a Soldier: Rabies Awareness Podcast

Under a Gibbous Moon its a podcast from the heart, including crazy captain guy and the rabies awareness run and more shout-outs!

Listen now!


Sean Enright said…
Good work, gents: gibbousness, rabies, revivals, wake forest -- I feel swollen and itchy with new knowledge. Maybe the movie Brad is thinking of is "Altered States" from 1980, with William Hurt? A good 'un.

Keep safe, thanks for the laughs, Sean.
Anonymous said…
Hey guys,

I think your number 1 fan is Mary K.

Mark, Mom comes over every week looking forward to another podcast. I think she is one of those junkies you are talking about. Keep them up. Love,
Bryan said…
just listened (Oct 8) to this podcast...you 2 had me in stitches.
Rabbis w rabies....to much.
God bless ya'all 4 yer service and your families for their sacrifice.
Bryan Weller

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