Crossfit Mooresville

I just spent the morning with my new friends Craige and Pam from Bare Bones Fitness/ Crossfit Mooresville. You can check them out at Every Saturday they have introductory workouts for anyone that would like to train with them. Their facilities are great with an ample supply of bumper plates, kettlebells, wall balls and other instruments of physical pain to get the most from your workouts. Its not like your typical gym. There are no fancy machines. Its just hard work. You'll see weird stuff like a big giant tire and sledge hammers. Ask them what a muscle up is. Its all a part of a fitness revolution that is growing exponentially. There will be no bicep curls here, only functional movements that people need in life. With obesity rates soaring isn't it time we bag the info-mercials that promise fitness without work. Our bodies were created by God to work and work hard. The great thing about Craige and Pam's gym is that they will work and suffer with you. After we got done with our workout we talked about how much fun it is to suffer together. It builds camaraderie and character simultaneously. If you live in the Mooresville area and are interested just check out the link that I posted above and give it a try. What do you have to lose except a few pounds, maybe you'll gain some new friends who are committed to helping people succeed. Thanks much Craige and Pam for stepping out there and bringing Crossfit to Iredell County!


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