God saved us from our furnace

Wow, its been a while since I posted anything on my blog, nearly three months....as my dad would say that is just shameful. My deepest apologies. I must tell you a story today so that you can understand how God moves in the most mundane of circumstances. I'm working at FT Bragg during the week and my bride and my kids stay at home and continue the mission  back in our home town, you know going to school, Wal Mart, Muay Thai class, dance and all that other "life" stuff. So we spend our weeks texting and doing the cell phone thing and then I get home on the weekends.

It never seems to fail that something always goes wrong when I am gone, something will break, a flat tire, a malfunctioning alarm, busted pipe...all when I can't be there to help. Grrrrrrr, for a man it is the height of frustration because we love to fix stuff and make it right.

It does however provide ample opportunity to exercise faith and to see God's hand at work in our midst. Last night Tammy calls around 11:00 which she never does. So I knew as I picked up my cell phone that there was a problem. Here first words were, "I smell gas!" Immediately I knew that it was probably our ancient heating system that has been pumping hot water through my house every winter since 1967. Its old, noisy, but very efficient. I have to have some type of work done on it every year.

I told Tammy to check the pilot light and it was functioning. She stilled smelled the gas. I got worried, gas is heavier than air and rides along the floor. I was worried about an explosion. So, I told her to call the gas company. I told her to call me when the gas guy got there and told her I loved her, prayed for God to protect them, trusted Him by faith and went to sleep. Unfortunately my phone was on vibrate and I slept through her calls about an hour or so later.

As I woke around 6:15 I called her immediately and asked her if everything was OK. She said that Keith Moore, a friend of ours had been the on call person for the gas company. He came out with all his gadgets and checked everything and the gas leak was minimal. But he did find that the carbon monoxide levels were our of the roof! Keith shut down our furnace and the CO levels went down. In case you didn't know carbon monoxide is a tasteless odorless gas that is fatal when when it fills the air around you. Keith took extra care in evaluating the problem.

Several things I see here:
  1. Tammy smelled gas, when there was very little escaping from our pipes which prompted her to call me. She felt it important enough to make the call
  2. A good friend was the on call guy for the Gas company
  3. A good God was in charge!
Had Tammy not smelled the gas, she could have gone on to bed and instead of me waking up to speak with my wife I could have been waking up to the sound of someone close to me telling my my family had died in their sleep. Gulp!

It took me almost an hour to process this this morning. The realization that I was a sniff of gas away from possibly losing my family poured over my soul, I got nauseous. I was telling my friend Dave about it this morning and was overcome with emotion....the realization that life takes wild turns and there are near misses every day. The understanding that the little things matter, like the sniff of gas or a friend on call.
Then the overwhelming revelation that God is watching, sending little signs, speaking in the small, declaring His power, His goodness, His command....even with a 43 year old furnace and the keen nose of a faithful and awesome wife!

Think about that one for a while!


Jim Pemberton said…
Praise God! I know it's got to be tough working half the state away. I'm glad God has plenty of friends around here to look after your family.

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