Tender Warrior

Every day I go in to work I see heroes. Not heroes in a generic sense, but heroes for real. Upon entering the front door of our headquarters there is a display honoring SSG Robby Miller, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in October of this year. I can't walk by that display without stopping and letting it sink in. Outside near our sidewalk are 28 granite stones, with 28 names. I walk by them every day. Each one is a story, a lasting representation of a life that was offered up.

Yesterday we dedicated that memorial walkway. Families of our fallen came from all over America. All of them are heroes too. Wives, children, moms and dads, brothers and sisters all showed up to honor these men who over the last 9 years have said yes to their country and given everything they had to give.

While getting ready yesterday my commander asked me to come into his office. For a brief second I thought I was in big trouble...Sometimes that is the way a good butt chewing starts..."Hey Chaplain, come see me in my office." But as he closed the door he opened a three ring binder and asked me to help him go over his remarks for the ceremony. He read them to me as if he was out there behind the podium.

My commander is a big tall man, with many years of experience. He's seen alot of life both good and bad. He leads alot of this country's most heroic men. He is well trained, professional, strong and courageous.

But I noticed something as equally valuable in him yesterday, he has a tender heart for people. As he read those comments he broke for a minute, unable to read them. Evidently some memory of one of those guys had come forefront while he was ploughing through his remarks. I placed my hand on his shoulder and just said, "Sir, you are doing fine." I found myself thinking that I would follow this man just about anywhere.

Tenderness is one of the hallmarks of a great warrior. Its not just about courage and strength. Its that heart that makes the valor meaningful. Its that heart for people that is the reason why ultimately soldiers do what soldiers do.

There are many days I think about leaving the Army for a quieter and less costly endeavor.

That was not yesterday.

Engage your heart today...evaluate how meaningful your relationships are, keep the things that are important...well.... important and lose the tyranny of the urgent.

Think about that one


chaplainandrews said…
Thank you for this reminder of the heroes we see everyday. In our business it is easy to forget how truly special they are. Hooah!

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