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Heavy Aircraft Carrier Ropes!

Ray, Chaplain Ken Lewis (a great training partner) and Jason

Laurel took this picture of me suffering!
The THOR Logo, its trademarked so don't get any ideas!

When I first arrived at FT Bragg over a year ago one of the first people I met was Ray Bear. I caught Ray in the halls at our headquarters carrying a giant, I mean like Aircraft Carrier big rope around. I said to him, "Hey man that looks like a rope for undulations!" I thought I was being smart and cool that I knew the term undulation. 
Ray said, "Thats exactly what that is for, you should come to my gym and try it out"
I said, "You are on brother!"
That was the beginning of a great friendship with our new strength and conditioning coach. Ray is a veteran and spent most of his career training professional baseball and hockey players, helping them get over injury, get stronger and faster. 

Now Ray does the same for soldiers!

Ray is also a believer in Jesus. I found that out in our very first conversation. You'll find that out by the way he cares for folks and by the way he pushes you to be your best. 

He added some other amazing trainers, Greg, Jason, Lance and then  Laurel came along as our nutritionist to make sure we don't eat too many chocolate chip cookies. When I wasn't training at Southern Pines Crossfit I was at the THOR gym. I'm not sure what THOR means, but it sure sounds cool, especially after seeing that movie. My wife surmised that Thor in the movie had done some functional training! I was jealous until she told me I was still hot for an old guy!

I went by the THOR gym today and did my last workout with Lance. We hit the ropes and swung the kettlebells for a long time, it felt like hours. I figured I'd go hard to the finish. It was brutal but awesome!

I honestly can't believe how blessed I am to have made such good friends. God is so good to us to allow us the privilege of friendship. I have been honored to work and serve around people who just by being with them make you feel better....I call them energy givers. 

Those guys get the worlds toughest soldiers ready for missions and back from injury. They keep old guys like me resilient and teach me new stuff all the time.

So many thanks to you Ray, Jason, Lance, Greg and Laurel. Thanks for a great year of fellowship, training, laughter!

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