Its official, I’m part of this new generation. For my birthday my brother bought me an ipod. Now I never saw what all the fuss was about. My buddy Carl Cartee raved about these little gismos. My buddy Jared McAdams says they’ll change your life. I wasn’t sure about any of it till I logged on i-tunes. That’s the place where you can download songs and other audio formats. I wasn’t all that impressed until I realized that you could also download these groovy things called pod casts. Now, some of you are saying “Wow, what a geezer!” Some of you are amazed at my technical savvy. Either way, these pod cast things are too cool for high school. I found one that reads through the bible. Every day you get a chapter or two downloaded automatically to your computer. I was blown away. Also you can get great speakers and authors in these pod casts. I’ve subscribed to my favorite egghead theologian, “Ravi Zacharais”. He’s brilliant and witty and he loves Jesus. I’m browsing through the titles and it is quite amazing. So…Steve, if you are reading this, thanks a million.
It should be noted that I officially turned 40 yesterday. My son told me that he was getting me a jug of prune juice. That’s just great!

Big praises go out to everyone who prays for us. At our morning service today 30 soldiers came forward to receive Christ into their lives. That is now more than 100 since we began our ministry here back in July. I must thank LTC Voigt for his support of all we do as a ministry team. SSG Pam Thomas who sings like an angel and I can never leave out my buddy and partner in ministry SFC Dan Roberts.


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