They're trying to arrest Sam again

As my previous article states I'm running the Army 10-miler to raise money for orphans in India. The group that takes care of the children is Hopegivers Internaitional
If you have a minute and take the time to read the article below(all the way at the bottom of this article). Our friend Sam, Hopegivers InternationalPresident)was released a month ago from jail for a bogus charge and now is on the verge of being jailed again with some more bogus charges. As you read the article you'll notice that the government is charging that Hopegivers used a map without Kashmir as a provision of India. This is a violation of Indian law. The territory of Kashmir is still disputed between Pakitstan, India and China and has been since the British left the region over 50 years ago. Both countries claim that this area belongs to them. In India if you use a map without Kashmir as a true part of the Indian state it would appear that you side with the Pakistanis. The problem with the Hopegivers web-site is that the map isn't even there. Go check it out at The web-site for the last three months only had basic contact information. No maps, no anit-Hindu propaganda or anti anyone propaganda. Again, the authorities in Rajasthan are grasping for a reason to arrest Sam. Primarily because he is a Christian and primarily because people are turning to Jesus through this ministry and the radical element do not like it.

To give you a little context for the dispute over Kashmir I've included a short section of an article from

The region is currently divided between three countries: Pakistan controls the northwest portion (Northern Areas and Azad Kashmir), India controls the central and southern portion (Jammu and Kashmir) and Ladakh, and the People's Republic of China controls the northeastern portion (Aksai Chin and the Trans-Karakoram Tract). India controls majority of the Siachen Glacier (higher peaks), whereas Pakistan controls the lower peaks. Though these regions are in practice administered by their respective claimants, India has never formally recognized the accession of the areas claimed by Pakistan and China. India claims that these areas, including the area ceded to China by Pakistan in the Trans-Karakoram Tract in 1963, are a part of its territory, while Pakistan claims the region, excluding Aksai Chin and Trans-Karakoram Tract. Both countries view the entire Kashmir region as disputed territory, and do not consider each other's claim to be valid. An option favoured by many Kashmiris is independence, but both India and Pakistan oppose this for various reasons. Kashmir is considered one of the world's most dangerous territorial disputes due to the nuclear weapons capabilities of India and Pakistan. The two countries have fought two wars over the territory: the first Kashmir war in 1947 and the second Kashmir war in 1965. More recently, in 1999, there was a limited border conflict (also referred to by some as the third Kashmir war) in the Kargil area of India-controlled Kashmir.

Remember that the people charging Sam know that He is not involved in the Kashmiri debate. They only want him quiet. They know that people listen to him. And we know that God is with him.
Keep praying for Hopegivers!

India's Rajasthan State Prepares "Re-arrest" Of Evangelical Leaders India Asia/Pacific


patricia said…
Hey, Brad...I spent some time with a family of "workers" who "work" in Kashmir. First hand knowledge from them is Indian military personnel are prone to do things we don't even want to imagine (I got the specifics) to village women, children and families in Kashmir. Soldiers from the south of India resent their governments assigning them to this area so their frustrations are taken out on the most vulnerable, those unable to defend themselves. The workers are passionate about taking the glory of Christ there!...Patricia

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