First Fish!

Their first fish! There are days in life that mark you. Then there are those days that never leave you. Both my kids this past week had the time of their lives actually landing their first fish. I'm sure that fishing for a little guy can be an exercise in futility. The line gets all tangled, the bait is squishy and yucky and the lure never goes quite where you want it to. But then there's that one day when it all comes together. You get the right bait, in the right water, near the right fish at the right time and you got one! Okay, reel it in, keep the line tight, don't let him go! Now the size of the fish doesn't matter, but getting it to the net sure does. Both my daughter and son caught their first fish this week. My son is pictured here helping me land a rainbow trout in the stream next to our house in Boone NC. We visited Linville Falls and Linville Caverns. The Linville Gorge is a true wilderness area and a great day hike. We went with our friends Robbie and Kelly Fero and their kids, Rebeckah, Emilee and Daniel. We had a great vacation and I didn't check an email or turn my cell phone on. I unplugged! It was awesome. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I'd also like to say congratulations to Alpha and Charlie Companies from 2-485th at FT Jackson. They both graduated Basic Combat Training last week. We all are very proud of you! Keep up the good work!


Chia said…
I indeed think you have the best kids in the world when you do not include my daughter...hahaaha...just joking!

Great life you have!

Kind regards from The Netherlands!

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