trigger tyme

A .50 caliber round of plastic filled with gooey paint flies past your face and you just knew that was a close one. Then out of no where you feel bee like stings in your leg and back and all you hear is laughter behind you. You turn to find your buddy has just snuck up on you and taken you out of the game and he thinks it’s hilarious that your covered in day-glow green paint! You are playing paintball. Its probably one of the coolest things you can do, other than catching a 20” rainbow on a fly that you tied, but its pretty close. I had the honor of being invited by our Bravo Company for a day a competition in the woods near Columbia. It was an amazing time. We played for hours and got really tired. We laughed a lot and SFC Stratford and I shot each other at point blank range. I put ferns in my headgear but it didn’t provided much concealment. I also found out the difference between cover and concealment. Concealment is useless if they see you! Here’s a picture of us before we got back at it. I’m the big ugly one in the non authorized Harley Davidson hat. Its great exercise and a ton of fun. I highly recommended it as a team building exercise or just a way to blow off steam. Hope everyone has a great weekend. If you are in the Columbia area check out
They’ll provide a great day of fun!


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