Look ma, I'm OK!

To the left is a picture of one of my soldiers from C-CO. He just got through with qulaification. He's good to go! He wanted to tell his mom that he's doing great, so here he is mom! He's doing great! After seeing over 5000 of these guys come through here I still get thrilled when they approach graduation. I get to see such an amazing transformation take place in these young people. When they leave they really are different. And they keep on coming. In spite of what the political climate is, these young men and women keep coming to serve. Keep that thought close today.


Anna Blanton said…
hey brad,
you don't know me, but i know your friend clayton king. thanks for reminding us that young men and women do keep stepping up to the plate to serve our country. my brother, ben, is leaving tonight to go to iraq. he has been in the army for over a year and a half. my family and i am well aware of what it is costing many. thanks for putting a face on that cost with your blog.

many thanks,
anna blanton

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