Wild Men Campout

That's my boy! Dad's are mighty proud critters and I'm no exception. I've been mobilized away from my family since March of 2005. That is a long time for a dad to be away from his kids. I get precious few opportunities to be with my children. Little boys especially need their dads. Last week was a horribly busy week. I had been planning this campout with little Jack for several months. Wouldn't you know it, life got complicated at the end of last week. I became discouraged at the level of busyness I faced. Problems just kept coming up. Undoubtedly it was warfare to keep me from building into the life of my little man. I vowed I would make it a good weekend. My wife also reminded me of the crucial nature of this. She's wise like that. I made it home and we camped, we fished, we shot BB guns, we shot bows and arrows, we sat around a fire with other dads and sons and told stories, we ate hotdogs cooked on coat hangers and we built into the lives of our sons. We were cold in our tents, but I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else that night. Those two days cannot be bought or rented. They are irreplaceable. My son is 8 now. He thinks I am a superhero. I have about 5 years where he is attentive at this stage of being a boy. I plan on making the most of it and making more memories. I want him to know that his dad placed value on this most precious of relationships. My thanks to Jeremy and Robbie and the Harkey family for their hard work in a great weekend. Miss Kelly also made some great food for us! There's nothing like a hot sausage biscuit on a 30 degree morning!


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