What is all this black stuff?

I woke this morning at the usual 0450, headed to the bathroom for the first thing and after finishing the next thing I remember is waking up on the floor with my face in a pool of black liquid. For a minute I thought I was dreaming. I thought, what is all this black stuff everywhere? I noticed my face felt a bit weird so I pulled my hand close and notice the black stuff was dripping, running in fact, out of my face. I knew then that this wasn't black but red, it was just dark in my bedroom. I had very little situational awareness. The first thing out of my mouth was, "Jesus, help me!" I gathered myself up back to the bathroom and turned on the light and saw what looked like a cross between a horror movie and a Ric Flair/Harley Race wrestling match. There was blood everywhere, on me, on the floor on the door. I thought at first that I had aneurysm, but then noticed the blood gushing from a gash above my left eye. "Whew!" I thought, that was a close one, I'm not dying I'm just cut! I called a couple of my buddies and got Mike on the horn, told him what happened and he came and took me to the hospital. The Docs patched me up with 13 stitches. Then we had to figure out what happened. They ran all the tests, blood work, CT scan, EKG and the like...Nothing. They asked me a battery of questions....Nothing. I'm wearing a heart monitor now, but the Doc says there's nothing wrong with my heart. So what am I left with. Well without getting too spooky, I'm convinced as many of you are that this world is not only physical but spiritual as well. In the past few weeks I have been praying more, seeking God more, bending my will more to His. All in all I've been being blessed by the presence of Jesus. He is restoring my heart for His Kingdom and the mission He called me to. We are in a world at war, and our enemy, mankind and God's enemy, desires our downfall. Without monkeying with the sovereignty of God, which I can't anyway, I just believe I came under attack. But the kindness of God, of Jesus, rescued me when I asked Him, "Jesus help me!" And help me He did. My fellow soldiers have called and wished me well and many came to see me at the emergency room. Jesus helped me by surrounding me with warriors. He helped me with a praying wife who loves me dearly. Today I'm resting and praying and watching a really bad Jean Claude Van Damm movie. Tomorrow it'll be back to the fight, stitches and all!


Mike E. said…
So who won, Ric Flair or Harley Race? My guess would be Flair. After all, "To be the Man, you have to beat the Man. WHOOOO!" Hey Brad, glad you hear that you are okay. I talked to Tammy this morning at school and she explained to me what happened or at least what the doctors think happened. You know every that all great warriors/soldiers have to have some kind of "Battle Scar" to remind them of why they are doing what they are doing. May this just be a reminder of the "Stripes by which we/you are healed." I believe Peter and Isaiah said that. Keep up the Good Fight! In JESUS Name. Mike E.
Ruthy said…
Dude Brad, when I said you were getting old I didn't mean it was you time to fall down and almost kill yourself! Praise the Lord that you are okay!
Amy said…
Sheesh! Glad you're OK!

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