Road Marching

Road Marching is what soldiers do. I guess its what makes us soldiers. Its not the long hours shifting your pack, picking the next point to walk to, and wishing the miles would click off a little faster that makes road marching so special. Its the people you endure it with. Suffering together builds something that can't be bought. In our training world these people happen to be brand new soldiers. Most of them have never walked more than a mile, much less walked ten in full "battle rattle". Its hot where we are too. The humidity coats you like oil in the morning. You can't get away from it. The most interesting fact is that these kids that I walk with have all volunteered to be here. They've agreed to put themsleves through this stuff, knowing that in about six months they'll get on a plane for Iraq or Afghanistan. They read the headlines. They know the risk, yet they continue to come. There's alot of talk about recruiting shortfalls. That shouldn't be the headline. The headline should be that in spite of it all they still volunteer, they still come. As you look at this picture imagine where these soldiers are going. As they walk away from you imagine all the homes they left behind, all the crying moms and proud dads, all the little boys and young wives. Be grateful today that there are 19 and 20 year olds willing to go.


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