Tomorrow I'll be officating a gravesite service for a veteran of WWII. What an honorable tradition the military has for its fallen comrads no matter the age. This week all over our country old and young alike are being laid to rest. Some have lived full lives after having served this country, some have been cut down in their prime. No matter the circumstnace the service is always the same. The volleys will be fired, taps will be played and a flag will be given. It happens the same way every time. Its all done for a reason. It can be summed up in one word. Honor. My prayer is that we will not forget that word in these confusing days. Honor remains. It remains because honor origionates in our Creator. He is the author of all that is honorable. He showed the menaing of that word by His honorable actions. His self-less service to mankind is the most honorable of all. As you go about your day remeber that. Remember that men and women have died for this country. Remeber too that your Savior died for you.

Below is what the Officer in Charge says to every recipient of a flag at a military funeral.

“This flag is presented on behalf of a grateful nation as a token of our appreciation for the honorable and faithful service rendered by your loved one.”


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