Loving Jesus with your mind too!

Jesus was all about getting into the lives of the people he came into contact with. He was always keenly interested in people, in their lives, in their needs, in their pain, and in their stories. He also always told everyone the truth. He never pulled any punches. He never withheld what he thought would either bring the Father glory or bring someone to the Father. He had such a Divine love for people on a very earthy level. What I mean is that he was not benevolent from afar. In our government its great when politicians institute programs that benefit people. Its great as well when we in churches give money to causes that might meet a need that we ourselves can’t physically provide. But Jesus, was in the middle of it, right there. In His time on earth he wasn’t issuing decrees and ruling from a magnificent throne. He was lowly and among his subjects. I like that. In fact I want to live like that. I want to live a life among the subjects, among the warrior class. I want to be outside of hallowed walls and involved in peoples lives. The reason is that I believe the Gospel is that important. There are so many competing spiritual systems out there. They vie for our minds and the souls of those around us. It was Jesus’ love for human beings and this landscape of belief systems that led me into the study of philosophy and of Christian Apologetics. Now I’m no expert but I learned from experts and more importantly I learned from people who loved Jesus as well. They also love people enough to learn about what they believe. I think its crucial that I know what a Muslim, Hindu, Pagan or Buddhist believe. By examining what they believe and learning what they teach, then I pay my non-Christian friend an honor that most don’t do. I’m saying, “My friend you are valuable enough for me to spend time learning about what you believe!”
That’s why I’m encouraging you to check out this link I’ve pasted here. This conference will not just be about how to win an argument, who really cares about that anyway. Besides I don’t believe in conversion through an intellectual decision. What this conference will do will equip you with tools that may help remove barriers for your friends that keep them from the Gospel. God may just use you in their lives. You can demonstrate how you live out your faith by studying and learning about Islam or Wicca. It’ll enable you to love people by genuinely presenting the truth not beating them with it. I think people have been beat up enough anyway. Remember the Lord Jesus said to love Him with all your heart soul and mind and your neighbor as yourself! Remeber your neighbor is anyone you come into contact with, even someone who doesn't beleive like you!
Here’s the link


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