Mars Hill Church Seattle

As a Chaplain I get the privilage of preaching every week to America's newest soldiers. Every week I dive into God's Word to proclaim the truth. I spend so much of my time minsitering the one thing I have found is that I need to be ministered to. I have to get creative on that front. I don't really have a pastor here. I ahve friends but I don't have regular teaching I can sit under and grow in God's word. There's something about the preached Word that really changes us. I recently got my ipod and discovered the world of Podcasts. One comes from a church out in Seattle. I've sort of adopted their Pastor as mine. Every week I download his sermons to my high tech device. I like the way he brings the message. He's studied, but contemporary. He's funny yet always challenges me to think. If you too are like me and need a boost of good, free, Biblical teaching click the link below. If you live in the Seattle area go check out Mars Hill Church. Pastor Mark is preaching through the book of 1 Corinthians right now and the series is titled "Christians gone wild!" Isn't that a hoot. If you've read 1 Corinthians you know that is the truth. So study God's Word, with technology we just don't have any excuses anymore not to hear great teaching.
Blessings to everyone today!

Mars Hill Church Seattle


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