This picture is from 2002 but it still brings back so many vivid memories. I remember crossing this bridge in Nepal. It felt like I was a mile high. It actually was only about 130 ft off the water. The wind blows through the gorge at a violent rate and the bridge swings from side to side. I’m deathly afraid of heights, but my friend Dave isn’t. That’s not a good combination especially when your friend Dave loves to see fear on your face. We crossed about 20 of these bridges in our 100 mile trek. But this one was the “MacDaddy”. Dave ran out to the middle and screamed, “Come on Brad, its OK, it barely moves!” So I took a step out and just when I was about 50 meters out onto the bridge, guess what he does? He starts swinging the thing back and forth. Visions of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, careened through my head. I could see myself falling to a tragic death! I screamed and ran like woman for the safety of the opposite side. I cursed Dave under my breath and then cursed him over my breath. “STOP THAT!” Dave laughed to the point of pain. Ha ha, real funny! Man I wish that guy was afraid of spiders or something! Hope you all enjoy the picture and imagine yourself 130' above the Kaligandaki Gorge. Its the deepest gorge in the world ans quite possibly the most beautiful places I've ever been. If you are interested you can read about Nepal and its geography on the web at:
I’ll go back again sometime in the next 5 years and bring back some more pictures!


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