You'll put your eye out!

The middle east is a dangerous place. Especially if you are a Marine. An especially if you are my friend Tony who one night engaged not the enemy but his buddies in some type of a glow stick fight. Glow sticks are those cool little devices that we use as temporary light sources. You break them in half and two chemicals mix together and they glow for about 8 hours. They come in all different colors. And evidently if you are a Marine you throw them at each other. You probably all remember your mom saying, “Stop that, you’ll put your eye out!” Well Tony as you can see from this picture almost did. Don’t worry… he’s fine and heading back home soon. I’ll be officiating his wedding in July and hopefully he will be healed up by then! By the way Tony, we are praying for you and can’t wait till you get back!


Angie S said…

Tony's birthday was this past Sunday. Just wanted you to know that the Cubbies made birthday cards for him and mailed them. Let us know of any other things that 2 - 4 year olds can do to help!

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