Crossroads Worldwide

     Are you looking for a place for teenagers or college students to get their spiritual batteries charged? Are you looking for a ministry to help you with discipleship and growth? Are you looking for a ministry that is relevant yet refuses to compromise truth or standards? Yes? Well I’d like to point you in the direction of Crossroads Worldwide. It was founded by my buddy Clayton King 10 years ago and I’ve been privileged to be a part of it for the last 8 years. Crossroads provides summer camps, discipleship weekends, ministry summits and mission trip leadership. Here’s a blurb off their web-site.

Mission Statement: Crossroads is an interdenominational Ministry designed to meet and love people as they are with God's truth, teaching them how to effectively live for Christ in the real world while sharing God's grace with those around them. It is the desire of Crossroads to make disciples of all people, encouraging and nurturing those who love Jesus, and winning those who do not yet know Him.

Here is what some have said from the summer camps at Crossroads

  1. "The Spirit and focus of discipleship was absolutely incredible. The students loved and respected the realness and transparency of the worship, speakers, and workshop teachers."

  2. "Never in a million years did I expect to walk away from this experience so Blessed. Every workshop I attended with my kids was clear powerful and applicable to their lives. The Lord worked through you all."

  3. "I love the discipleship emphasis of Crossroads. The welcome we when got to Camp was very impressive. My youth want to come back to Crossroads next summer. Thanks for al you did to make our week life changing."

  4. "Thank you for not being afraid to be deep, bold and real with the Lord. Students need that as they prepare to go to college. I am so glad that you guys are giving them a solid foundation to become men and women of God"
I highly encourage you to make Crossroads a part of the discipleship of the generations pursuit of the Lord Jesus. You can check out their stuff at


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