Wow what a day!

The following takes place between 2245 and 2300…OK…for those of us who got hooked on 24 last year today was the big day! It was a great day at FT Jackson! 5 young soldiers came to faith in Christ at our morning service. I got to counsel 17 soldiers this afternoon the Panthers won and 24 was premiering tonight! Can I hear you say a “banner day!” It seems that the devil had his sights set on my day of days. Just at the end of the most excellent of days, I’m tuned in with anticipation to the last 10 minutes of 24. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. Jack Bauer is once again in the middle of an impossible scenario. How will he get out of this one? The last commercial comes on and right when the closing scene approaches what happens? My local news decides to preempt the last 10 minutes! WHAT?!!!! Yes, they did. Instead of heart pounding intrigue I got a local story about some trees that blew down in some guys back yard! Oh brother! So I called home and Tammy narrated the last scene to me over the phone. I guess it’s the next best thing to being there!
All kidding aside, the best part of my day was seeing people find Jesus, find life and find truth. No TV show could ever compete with the Power of God. No cliffhanger could ever replace that moment just as the invitation to life with Christ is given. Unlike TV shows the story of the Gospel is life and death. Its as real as it gets and praise Him for His continued work in our midst. Thank you all for praying! Hope everybody has a great week.


DLR said…
That's some righteous anger, Brother! Righteous anger! But seriosly, yesterday was a great day. You preached an excellent, appropriate sermon and I commend you for your willingness to counsel so many soldiers - monstrous Kingdom impact!
Jim Pemberton said…
What is 24? Who are the Panthers? But the God of creation I know! And He is faithful to fulfill all things! Praise Him for my new brothers and sisters in Christ!

Let them know we're rejoicing in Statesville over them.
Jeff A. Spry said…
Another fan of 24 here - didn't watch SUnday night because I was watching a TIVO'd Panthers game with some buddies. So the wife and I watched all four episodes on Monday night. Great TV!

My wife asked a great question - who would win in a battle between Jack Bauer and Batman? Not the silly Batman of the 1960s TV show but the real Batman of the comic books - the one that took down the entire JLA!

I have my opionion!
Mike Cline said…
Just found your blog Brad. I look forward to keeping up with you in this way. Carry on soldier!
Mike Cline

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