He's alive!

The sound of your cell phone going off at 0400 is not good. You fight back the desire to hit ignore on the console until you see it’s from one of your Drill SGTs. That’s what happened this morning. I answered the phone to an apologetic soldier. “Sir, I’m sorry to bother you, but one of our soldiers has had a heart attack and is not breathing and has no pulse! Can you come in; some of the other soldiers are pretty shook up!” I immediately started praying. I didn’t even know what to pray for. I called my chaplain assistant and had him to start praying as well. All I could think about was how I was going to handle the death of one of our soldiers. What was I going to say to my young privates? These are the times in life that mark us and make us. I arrived on post and hurried to the company area prepared for the worst. I entered the CA area and there were MP’s paramedics and my Drill SGT all standing there remarkably calm. In fact they were smiling. I found it odd since we had just lost a soldier. But then, the reason for the smiles came to light. They had been able to revive him! He was alive! I stopped and thanked God. I thanked God for a lot of things. I thanked him for two young soldiers that were doing their jobs and stayed awake when they should have been. I thanked God for a Drill SGT that has 17 years experience as a Para-medic. I thanked God for medics on this post that responded so quickly. There is much to be thankful for this morning.

Update: I just returned from our local hospital. Just over 24 hours from being dead and cold on the floor of his barracks, this young private is sitting up in his bed talking to us. His mom and dad drove all night to get here. The joy of a life saved is contagious. The Drill SGT that saved his life was able to come by this morning and see the young man. It was hard to fight back the tears as we explained to the soldier what happened to him. Of how he was lifeless and his Drill SGT refused to give up on him. Even when it looked hopeless, he refused to give up. We say that a lot in the Army, but SSG Jim Marcus refused to quit on that kid. Jim told me that in 17 years he has only seen two people come back like this, but today it is three! Give praise to God for a life saved!


Craig<> said…
Thank God for a life restored but most importantly, Jesus is alive and we are forgiven!!! I posted a comment on one of your previous posts. check it out.

in Christ,
craig clark <><

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