Tuesday Update

Greetings out there! Its been a while since I’ve updated my blog. I had some really cool pictures to upload of DS Danes and DS Miranda but my Palm Pilot had a brain poot and all my unsaved data went into the twilight zone. So, no pictures today. I’d just like to ask for your prayers this week. Tomorrow and Thursday we’ll be getting 1000 brand new soldiers into our Battalion. That means a couple of things. One it means the hours in everyone’s week just doubled. It also means that opportunities have just come up. Think of it, 1000 young people with no idea what is about to happen to them. Think of the possibilities. Think of all the families they left behind, the moms and dads, husbands wives and children. They have all joined willingly in a time of war. I know some join due to duress in their lives, but most join for bigger reasons than running or money. So if you could this week pray for the young privates. Also pray for my Drill Sergeants and my Company Command staffs. Days are fixin to get long. If you’d like every Tuesday I’m fasting and praying for my soldiers among other things. Jesus had much to say on the subject of fasting. I’m not exactly sure why or how it works, but it does. So if you can join me in Tuesday prayer and fasting days. If you do let me know how God is changing you through this time. Much love to everyone back in Statesville and Rowan County. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement. I’ll be home in about 14 months!
Hooah, “Break Through”!


Craig<> said…
hey chaplain brad! hows it going man? i will certainly join you in fasting on tuesdays. hope all is well with you. ive been meaning to get in touch with you. on dec 9 i enlisted in the nc army nat'l guard. i am really excited. ill give you a call sometime and drop an email. i will continue to pray for you and all your soldier.

In Christ,

craig clark<><

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