Thanks to Dave's class!

Many thanks go our to my home away from home at Dave Moss’s Sunday School class. For those of you among that group thank you for your continued support of me and my family. This picture was taken as I spoke a few Sunday’s ago. As you can see it’s a raucous group of believers. I expect the thing I love about these folks is their genuine concern every time I see them. I always shocked at the level of care they give each other. With Tammy just getting out of the hospital we have received phone calls, food, firewood and more care than we could possibly imagine. Out of this group there are missionaries, moms, students, national speakers, firemen, business men and just plain good folks. Thank you again to everyone. You are all in my prayers! You can check out the website for their church at
If you are in the Statesville NC, area go by and check them out. Watch out for the guy in the front row with the striped shirt. I hear he’s been known to partake in “forgggery (pronounced with a hard g) and yooterring”!


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