Army 10 Miler

Well its drawing near to the big race day! The Army 10 miler is fast approaching. The training needs to wind down and the carb loading needs to begin. In case you didn't know it the Army 10 miler is, I believe, the world's largest 10 mile running race. This year over 24,000 people will participate in our Nation's capital. The run begins at the Pentagon and winds its way through all the monuments and then back to the Pentagon. It should be quite a scene. I hope you all will remember that we are also running to raise awareness and funding for Hopegivers international. They, among other things, love, feed and care for orphaned children in India. If you'd like to help take care of these children, just click here to find out more about their ministry. If you decide to give, just let them know you found out about them through THE ARMY 10 MILER.


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