BMW Madness

I may have gone off the deep end. When I was a younger man, I loved motorcycles. In 1984 I bought a Honda 700 Interceptor. I spent hours riding that thing all over North Carolina. Drove it too fast, wrecked it a couple of times and vowed never to get one again. I don’t know what it is about these two wheeled things that intrigue the male species so much. It may be the freedom of not being surrounded by sound proof windows. It may be the wind rushing past you. Its hard to put your finger on. But the truth is there just something cool about riding a bike. Yeah they can be dangerous and I’ve had my share of heartache with them. A good friend of mine was killed earlier this year on one. But still my heart leans towards two wheels. So yesterday I went over the edge and for the first time in 18 years I own a motorcycle again. Actually I pick it up on Monday. A lot of guys go for the big throaty Harley cruisers and some like the blazing speed of a rice rocket. I went a different road, not because those other bikes aren’t good, they are. They are just not what I was looking for. I found a BMW F650 GS. In all reality I’ve been looking for one for years, but it was never the right time. I found a 2005 model this week and with some pleading with my wife, who is very nervous about this, we came to an agreement. So I did the deal. The bike is an enduro, good for the street and good for the trail. I have found myself lost in thought, cruising the roads in the mountains near my home in NC in my mind. I want to take Tammy for long rides in the country. I have found in the 18 months that I have been stationed away from her and the kids that I have lost my hobbies. I used to fish all the time, can’t do much fly fishing here. My fertile hunting lands are back home. Many times I am restless in thought. I am so busy with lives of others that I have in a way neglected my own. So I’m reclaiming a bit of ground and going to live a little. I do believe that God has called us to live, really live and as one man put there is nothing more glorifying to God that a man fully alive. I’ve included a picture of my new ride for you to look at. See you on the twisties! If you are interested in BMW motorcycles check out their web site at


Ehud Olmert said…
All you need now is a side car and an orangutan named Clyde to ride with you.

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