Metric Tools and the Self Centered Life

I'm for the most part pretty selfish. Think about it. Most of what we do in life is for us. Even in ministry the traps of self exaltation are there. I'm in the Army and the Army loves awards. Its good to recognize people for their accomplishments. Its easy to come to the table of life and ask "What is in it for me?" Its easy to do this with God too. My buddy Dan and I talk often about God, His work in our lives and the real freedom and grace that we have found. I mean real freedom! And in freedom, being set free to really live there is no room for self centeredness. They are just not compatible. Its like using metric wrenches with standard hardware, pointless. Yeah you can look like you are accomplishing things and you may even tighten a bolt now and then, but eventually something will strip out. I began to think of this the other night while I was praying. I was asking God for guidance. I'm faced with the possibility of an overseas deployment. I need help in making this decision. Its a big one. So I come to God, "Lord what do I do?" Then my prayers changed to, "Lord are You there?". Then I became aware of His presence. in that moment when I sensed God was really there, I stopped caring about my decisions, even my own life. I can literally say that I did not want to be anywhere else in any other time than just being with Jesus on my couch. Now how out there is that? Well, its not, it should be normal and it should be every day. What does this world offer that can even come close to total contentment? Yeah, its rhetorical I know. Nothing! The world offers nothing like that! To know and be known by God, to know His kindness, His fierce love for us, His unwavering pursuit in spite of ourselves is more than enough for me! The rest comes out in the wash!


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