Some days in the Army are very cool. Today was one. One of my buddies here, DS Wolf made friends with some guys from the SC National Guard aviation unit. Today we hooked up with them and went on a Blackhawk ride! We flew to Savannah, then to Charleston. Landed at the airfield there, had dinner at Cracker Barrel and the flew home. It was a blast. It was my first time in a helicopter and I'll never forget it. The pilot told me it puts out 3900 HP! That is amazing. We flew up the coast of SC along the shore at about 200 ft. The pilot had a little fun with us too. All of a sudden we'd bank hard right. It feels like the floor is gone. Then he'd shoot straight up and then drop back down and for brief moment we were at 0 gravity. WOW! The guys were great, very professional and loads of fun at dinner. I'd like to thank Shawn, Tripp and Scott the all knowing crew chief for a wonderful time! During the ride I thought about how the ride itself was kind of a metaphor. I had no idea where we were going specifically. I knew our final destination. I also didn't know when the ride was going to get exciting. The pilot was in complete control of all that. But, how thrilling it was just to be included in their mission. I put my total trust in those guys at the controls. They all just got back from the "sandbox". They all have over 30 years combined experience at the stick. I knew I could trust that they would take care of us. I knew they were good at their jobs. I got thinking that life with God is a lot like that. I know my final destination with God. But I have no idea when He'll bank hard left, or shoot straight up and send me to 0 gravity and make life "exciting". Sometimes with God we just have to crank down on our 4 point harness system and hang on. The one thing I know is that God, my pilot is good. He's invited me into his mission. I don't always know what he is up to, but I know He's good and just like the helicopter mission there is nowhere I'd rather be than right in the jump seat following my King! Enjoy the pictures!


Ehud Olmert said…
Thats my kind of mission. Flying around the beach looking at chics and then going to cracker barrel. where do I sign up.
Amy said…
Ahh, Charleston. We went there on my birthday... though we drove from Ft. Jackson in a SUV with two kids instead of taking a Blackhawk.

Sounds like a very cool day.

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